SAP HANA is ready for primetime this year

SAP HANA  (the SanssouciDB project from which it’s built) now is mature and has a place in the market.  The HANA project has a clear goal of a single store for OLTP and OLAP processing. This has major benefits. Not least the cost of managing (multiple) separate OLTP / OLAP data resources and feeds.  But one cautionary note about SAP HANA is the pace of change. There are new elements of functionality coming in each major release. This is every six months. This pace of change poses challenges (and opportunities!) to some because the latest version of SAP HANA may contain something you didn’t know you could have.

I have been following this technology since it is at HPI.  Since its launch  I’ve been involved in  SAP HANA projects, from solution architecture  to managing the projects.

For those who want to get in to HANA space, this is the right time. Given below are some of the useful links which can give you insight in to SAP HANA. Those who are looking for an opportunity in SAP HANA can always write to

SAP HANA Solutions – Applications
SAP HANA Help Portal
Experience SAP HANA
Community Network – SAP HANA
SAP wiki for SAP Products
Virtual SAP TechEd
SAP HANA Development Center
SAP HANA Reference Document
SAP HANA Database Administration
SAP HANA Appliance Software Support Package Stack 06

About the Author: Rajesh Veerapaneni

Rajesh Veerapaneni is a Senior SAP Solution Architect and Project Manager. He is a Hands-On Author, Thought Leader, and Mentor & Researcher for SAP,SAP HANA, Analytics, Big Data, HADOOP & Cloud. Accountable for UNISIS ‘s leading and growing SAP practice Responsible for building a high performing people culture across SAP practice. A thought leader in the SAP Business Suite, Analytics & Technology space, with a current focus on SAP's In-Memory strategy. He regularly advises decision makers like CFO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, VP’s and Organizational Leaders to realize their TURE business values of SAP HANA, Big Data, Analytics & it’s enabling technologies through tangible assets. He conducted workshops and led teams in SAP strategy covering where to find the business value, use cases and how to architect an effective In-Memory road map.

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