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Unisis Feqture Interview


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SAP Hana Overview
UNISIS provides SAP consulting, application development, and application outsourcing services to companies and government entities in the United States and around the world
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SAP Hana Overview

SAP HANA Services

  • Build SAP HANA 1.0 Analytics
  • Build strategy for SAP HANA 1.0
  • Manage SAP HANA 1.0 at customer site
  • Manage and Maintain SAP HANA from a technical and application perspective

UNISIS's SAP HANA Solution Delivers Following :

The SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA) enables business departments to analyze business as it happens. Individuals can create very flexible analytic models based on real-time data originating from business applications. In order to cover for the full spectrum of information which might be relevant for business, data from other sources like SAP BW or 3rd party databases can also be brought in and mashed up

  • Align SAP HANA Solutions plans with B.I. Strategy
  • We explain SAP HANA InMemory Computing (Row Store, Column Store, Persistency Layer, Architectural Concept)
  • HANA based Real-time Operational Analytics
  • HANA based Agile Data Marts for Rapid Prototyping with Analytic Models
  • New Modeling Paradigm in order to provide agility and flexibility from business question to report
  • InMemory Computing (Administration and Monitoring)

What Benefits SAP HANA Can Provide?

SAP’s In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA) enables organizations to instantly explore and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in near real-time. Delivered on optimized hardware, HANA realizes the efficient processing and analysis of massive amounts of data by packaging SAP’s intelligent use of in-memory technology, columnar database design, data compression, and massive parallel processing together with essential tools and functionality (i.e. data replication, analytic modeling etc.), business content, and the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (SAP BusinessObjects BI) solutions. There are several HANA scenarios to consider.

*HANA can be leveraged as a high performance “side-by-side” data mart to your existing data warehouse or can take the place of a data warehouse (DW) if required.

*For customers who do not want to disrupt their existing BW + BWA setup, HANA can also be deployed as a high performance “side-by-side” data mart to provide “real-time“ reporting and analytics. Existing BW customers leveraging BWA today can deploy HANA (with its BAE component) in a “BWA for BW” mode and receive the in-memory acceleration features equivalent to a BWA appliance.

*HANA can be deployed as the in-memory acceleration engine for BusinessObjects Explorer Accelerated version.

*SAP is providing customers an upgrade path to HANA.


"We offer innovative solutions designed to extract the most value from SAP investments by utilizing the full range of functionality from SAP systems. "


“In every area my expectations have been exceeded. The team from UNISIS delivered everything that was promised, and the documentation they created is intuitive.  We are very satisfied..
~ Joseph P - SVP, International Retail Industry